While companies are looking for reliable, real-time KPIs, they are also looking for agility.

Today, the traditional dashboards are agile to respond to constant changes in strategic and operational issues. The multiplication of tools in companies can affect the quality of the data and frequently requires additional work, often manual and without much added value on the part of the financial teams. That’s why having a single data recovery platform is a real advantage.

However, retrieving numbers is no longer enough! The finance function will go beyond this requirement with artificial intelligence technologies. What actions need to be taken on the data? Data visualization provides an understanding of the situation to facilitate decision making, but that is no longer enough.

Predictive analysis is used in the device to make it possible, based on the data available, to script the future. It allows you to design hypotheses to better anticipate the future! This is a great opportunity for finance teams to gather data from the past, present and future.

Artificial intelligence brings a key element to companies that reach this level of maturity. In fact, they should derive from it a competitive advantage that’s essential to steering their performance.