The key lies in using a language that is understood by all, which is the basis of communication and sharing of relevant information.

Today, many companies acknowledge there are areas where their business management could be improved. Finance departments suffer from a lack of reliable information on the effectiveness of commercial activities. Sales departments often do not have all the data related to or deriving from their activities (sales, transformation into revenue, margins, customer risk, etc.). This makes managing teams complicated.

A common challenge is to ensure reliable and quality reporting to management and governing bodies.

Having a common sharing tool allows for transparency and dissemination of information in an open way. Each user thus accesses the correct level of information according to their rights. Each actor takes ownership of and analyzes the data according to their area of interest. The purpose of exchanges is no longer to determine who has the right figure but to choose together the actions required based on the shared data.

This is how we see the decompartmentalization of service departments and greater transversality. Decision making is shared, its execution should be able to take advantage of it!