A word from the president

We founded Makila with the belief that the majority of companies only tap a small portion of the potential of their data. Reporting and business intelligence systems currently in use are complicated, aging, and above all, do not allow to project into the future.

At Makila, our ambition is to transform this vision of data for all our customers! We are putting in place tools for simulation and predictive analysis that are within everyone’s reach and essential for understanding your organization’s position over the months and years to come.

Alain Latry


About Makila

Makila was founded in Montreal by Alain Latry, an entrepreneur totally focused on information technology for more than 30 years, and Marcel Messier, a seasoned engineer with extensive operational experience in various telecommunications companies.

Established in Canada and France since 2018, Makila offers simulation and predictive data analysis solutions, integrating all the levers of artificial intelligence. The founders are supported by a team of experts specializing in artificial intelligence, user experience, data security and governance, as well as cloud technologies.

Data analysis and modeling allows Makila to generate concrete and relevant information to aid better decision-making. Makila’s solution covers all aspects of simulations and predictive analysis related to the financial health of the company, business performance, commissions, headcount, compensation, professional equality and payroll


Beyond a technological platform, Makila is above all a solution whose primary objective is to meet your daily needs to quickly become your best partner.

Makila masks technological complexity and sophistication to provide the end user with simple, natural language interaction, business-oriented graphical visualizations and everyday use on the go.

Makila helps you to do a descriptive analysis of your company’s historical data to diagnose its current state and project you into the future by offering you forecast analyses based on your data.

A commitment to human values

Since its inception, Makila has been committed to advancing and recognizing diversity and inclusion to drive economic prosperity for its customers from coast to coast.

In 2019, Makila launched its first service offer in France to help companies achieve their employment equity goals. Then, Makila pursued its research and development activities. Officially launching its predictive analysis platform for financial and human resources data, Makila aims to help companies make strategic decisions through artificial intelligence.

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