Makila AI is committed to strengthen its information management system by working towards the obtention of ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018 and HDS extensions, delivered by Certi-Trust. The new certifications are scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2023.

This initative was made possible through Prompt’s Quebec Cybersecurity Innovation Program, which aims at helping Canadian companies obtain a variety of certifications, approvals and accreditations for their management systems, products, solutions or processes.

“Our ambition is to become a partner of reference for predictive analysis and data processing solutions. We are working on strengthening our business development strategy by guaranteeing customers’ information security and privacy”,  says Layla Nasr, CEO of Makila AI.

Purpose of ISO 27017, 27018 and HDS extensions

  • The ISO/IEC 27017 certification complements the ISO/IEC 27002 framework for the cloud computing environment with additional information, security measures and implementation guidelines. The framework provides implementation guidance on 37 ISO/IEC 27001 controls, as well as seven other requirements.
  • The ISO /IEC 27018 certification is the code of practice for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) in cloud storage. This code of practice helps foster transparency so that potential cloud service customers can access secure and reliable cloud PII processing services and provide them with a compliance audit methodology.
  • HDS is the Health data hosts certification. HDS ensures that the laws on personal health data are respected.  It is mandatory for the hosting and outsourcing of services and applications containing identifiable and personal health data. HDS certification allows the implementation of additional security layers, which allows for greater infrastructure robustness and therefore greater confidentiality of data.

To this effect, the evaluation and external audit of Makila AI  will be conducted by CERTI-TRUST, an internationally recognized ISO certification authority for information security management systems. 

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