Montreal, October 14, 2021 – Leader in the development of predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence, Makila AI has signed a partnership with Groupe SAGE and Manuel Moralesa researcher in mathematics and statistics of the University of Montreal. This research project aims to explore and explain the scientific reasoning of predictive data models and algorithms used for analyzing audit results in compliance with data protection requirements. 

Through this research project financed by PromptMakila AI aims to improve its leading-edge solution, improve in efficiency, and shorten the delivery time of the machine learning models’ results. 

Prompt provides funding for the entire ICT and digital technology sector to encourage research and development of hardware and its components, software, applications, and networks. By engaging in large-scale projects, Prompt’s mission is to foster innovation in Quebec, particularly in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. “Through funds provided by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, we are supporting projects with high potential for transforming the Quebec economy.  

The project proposed by the consortium composed of Makila AI, Groupe SAGE and the University of Montreal is exemplary in this regard. PROMPT is very proud to contribute to this collaboration and future innovations with its financial support,” explains Frédéric Bove, General Manager at Prompt. 

By leveraging machine learning models, new technology solutions, like those developed by Makila AI, enable companies to anticipate future trends and implement strategic action plans powered by accurate data. “The process of validating the results of machine learning models is a crucial step because data-driven decisions can foster social biases that distort predictions, therefore incurring very high costs. Our goal is to explain the reasoning behind these models and detect potential biases,” says Layla Nasr, CEO of Makila AI. 

A collaborative research project with the University of Montreal  

By analyzing and better understanding the reasoning of data experts in this research project, Makila AI’s team, specialized in artificial intelligence (AI), intends to develop a NLG(Natural Language Generation) based solution that will allow the visualization and explanation of the predictive models by taking into consideration the specific context of the company, thus providing the decision-makers with accurate information by properly identifying, in real-time, the variables in the dataset that have influenced the results and the cumulative effect they have on the results.  

“The collaborative research project with Makila AI aims to explore issues related to the explicability of machine learning models in the field of finance and human resources,” said Manuel Morales, Associate Professor and researcher at the University of Montreal. “This strategic partnership will allow us to work on real use cases and to contribute to knowledge and technology transfer through the development of mechanisms that integrate the notions of explicability in artificial intelligence systems,” added Manuel Morales. 

Groupe SAGE’s critical contribution of counsel and domain expertise 

For more than 25 years, Groupe SAGE Consulting has advised hundreds of private and public organizations in Canada, Europe and around the world. “The Groupe SAGE has a deep understanding of how strategy, innovation, change and leadership are profoundly changing today’s business models, while constantly seeking to learn and understand more. Our expertise lies at the intersection of culture, development, leadership and business performance,” said Daniel Lacombe, Senior Consultant at Groupe SAGE Consulting. 

“Groupe SAGE’s contribution to this project consists in helping our partners develop the rationale behind the models by relying on both what the scientific literature affirms about decision-making and problem-solving, and by validating the outcomes with our current and potential clients. In this way, we will be able to support chief executives and all decision-makers in understanding, planning, and executing complex strategic projects,” added Daniel Lacombe. 

About Makila AI 

With operations in Canada and France, Makila AI offers organizations simulation and predictive analysis solutions using multisource data powered by Artificial Intelligence. Businesses use our solutions to help guide and plan their strategic Decision-Making in terms of governance, finance and human resources management decisions. Since its foundation in 2017, Makila AI has developed a client base consisting of public sector organizations and large corporations in North America and Europe. In December 2020, Makila AI partnered with Crédit Mutuel Equity to advance its artificial intelligence innovations in the international arena. 

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